Welcome to the first Mapledoram blog on our new website. This will be a bi-monthly edition and will cover any subject to do with 1940’s fashion, style, facts and in addition ours and our readers views on subjects.  Kicking off this week is one that is close to my heart, that is the wearing of hats by gentleman indoors at 1940’s events.

Let us be clear it is not, nor has it ever been acceptable for a gentleman to wear his hat in doors and certainly not in front of ladies.  Only on certain occasions is this acceptable from an etiquette point of view and is usually connected to the military on ceremonial occasions.  If you are at a dance, dinner or party, no self-respecting gentleman would keep their hat on indoors.  The second thing we are constantly asked about is that of swing shoes/ two tone dance shoes with 1940’s suits.

It is safe to say that it was not an everyday sight of gentleman wearing dance shoes on the streets during the day in 1940’s Great Britain.  By all means have your dance shoes ready for the night-time but keep them under wraps until such time.  There are plenty of shoes that fit the day time bill and gentleman should stick to dark coloured traditional stitched through the welt shoes, of the plain oxford toe cap, plain oxford, and brogue or oxford brogue variety.

It is attention to detail that creates the look of a 1940’s outfit and whilst it need not cost a fortune, small details can make or break the outfit.  Thank you for taking the time to read our first blog and if you wish ask us questions or contribute feel free to do so.

Best wishes, Gary